Karen T.(Salon Owner,Queens NY) – “I tried Envy Me Remy on myself first and was impressed with the way the hair performed. I’ve been stylist and shop owner for 20 years, and this is some of the best virgin hair I have used. I use Envy Me Remy for myself, my daughters, and have regularly for the last year pointed my clients in their direction in order to get the best hair.”

Chasity N. (Brooklyn, NY) – “I’ve been using my same hair purchased from LDJ Premium Hair for the past 11 months now!! It hasn’t tangled, has very minimal shedding, and looks great every time I go to my stylist to re-install. I love my hair”

Mallory F. (Riverside, CA) -” I had a hard time finding Keratin tips where I live in California that were really high quality. I decided to use Envy Me Remy, and was very pleased with the purchase. It’s the most natural hair I have ever purchased, and will be buying from them again.”

Alicka H. (Stylist, Miami, FL) -“My clients want the best, so I’ve been using Envy Me Remy for all my installs as the hair can be colored with no issue as well as maintains its body and luster.”

Charlene H (Salon Owner, Boston, MA) -” I had been looking for good hair to sell in my salon. I came across the LDJ Premium Hair Video on You Tube. I started purchasing wholesale and my business have taken off. I’m doing more installs now as I’m gaining clients because they have seen or heard about this great hair I have in my shop now.”

Diana V. (Washington DC) – “I purchased 4 bundles of 28″ Envy Me Remy in wavy, and at the last minute decided I wanted to hombre the hair.I was nervous but my hair took the color and I was very pleased. No dead ends, still had the wavy texture after the hombre coloring.”

Tenisha D. (Raleigh, NC) – “This was my first experience paying this kind of money for hair, and I was super pleased with my experience. The hair looked beautiful and after it was installed it looked even better. Its going on 5 months with no issues. Will definitely buy again, but next time I will go longer.”

Shanda T. (Dallas, TX) – “I saw the You Tube review on Envy Me Remy and decided to give it a try as I trusted the reviewer. This was the best virgin hair purchase I have made and I have been buying buying virgin hair for 2 years now. Im definitely on board Team Envy Me Remy.”

Michelle P. (Seattle, WA) – “I saw a blog post about you guys and decided to try your hair as here in Seattle its pretty tough to find hair outside of going to the beauty supply store. I get stopped now every other day and asked where I got my hair from. Just so you know a few of girlfriends will be placing orders soon too!! Thanks for the great hair.”

Vianka B. (Salon Owner, Brooklyn NY) – “I’ve been using Envy Me Remy with all my clients who are looking for great, high quality hair. Its been 9 months now, and no issues.”

Terry G. – (Newark, NJ) – ” Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service. I ordered 3 bundles and on one of the bundles the weft was a bit off. I called up, and spoke to a gentleman names Jim, he asked me a few questions and explained the 3 headed machine process used to sew on the wefts and that yes, errors can happen.. He said he’d send out a replacement as soon as I returned the first one. I got my return with no issues, and I love the hair. But thanks for dealing with me professionally and fast.”

Michelle D. (Salon Owner, Chicago, IL) – “I have been using LDJ Premium Hair Importers for my wholesale for the last 9 months. I have seen my orders increase every month, and no bad batches. I’m reaching out because I had spent thousands looking for a good hair from a reliable source. Thanks and lets keep it going guys.”

Chantelle I. (Memphis, TN) – ” I saw you guys review on You Tube and purchased right after, 3 bundles of your natural curly. I love this hair…. When I wet it, I can get one look, but I have also straightened it out and it still looks fabulous!! I just recently added some color to the edges, and it took the color extremely well with frizzing or texture being lose.”

Momemka U. (London, UK) – “I purchased braiding hair and just wanted to say it is by far the best quality hair I have purchased in a long time. And your shipping time to the UK was impressive.”

Olivia N. (Baltimore, MD) -“I purchased 3 bundles of your Virgin Indian Remy hair in wavy….. I took it home and colored it and it took the color great… Just wanted to let you guys know”

Patrice A. ( New York, NY) – ” Thank You for my 32 inch custom color order. The blond came out do pretty and the waves were still there!! I was nervous spending over $1000 but I’m so glad I made the purchase from LDJ. I will definitely refer you guys to some of my girlfriends”

Donyell J. (Minnesota, MN) – ” I got my hair today, and I love it!!!. I ordered 2 16 inch bundles and the bundles are so full.”

Ricardo J. (Hollywood, CA)- “This is my third purchase for my clients and I wanted to ask about wholesale. My clients have loved the hair, and it has performed very well. My first client has had it in for 3 months now with no issues. For my second client I colored the hair, and it still bounces and maintained its natural wave. So please get back to me about wholesale as Im looking for a reliable source and I think you guys are it.”

Tiarra M. (San Antonio, TX) -“I just wanted to let you know the keratin tips I ordered came out so great, and I have attached the install pics. This is the first time wearing weave and it hasn’t like irritated my face..lol. Will definitely stick with your Envy Me Remy”

Jonelle B. ( Bronx, NY) -“When I saw your video of you guys in India, I said I had to give it a try because I was becoming disappointed with the quality of hair I was getting from xxxxxx. Your hair is the truth!! Real talk, and please make sure you put me on your mailing list for any discount codes or promotions.”

Lydia P. (Atlanta, GA) – “Thanks for the discount on my purchase of Envy Me Remy. I’m sending a few girlfriends to your site, as this hair is way better than what they selling down here in the ATL and trying to pass off as virgin hair.#realvirginhairglamsquad”

Thomasina (Boston, MA) – ” Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer experience. I spoke to man named Kisha and he explained the differences between your hair and what else I was looking at maybe purchasing. He took 3 calls from me as I have had a few bad experiences buying hair online. I love the hair, and attached is the install picture.”

Rebecca M. (Queens, NY) – “After watching the video and install review, I’m glad I decided to give your Envy Me Remy a try. The hair has been great the first 6 months I have had it in, and I have just colored it and it still looks and feels great.”

Tonya G. (Houston, TX) “I’m a colorist for a salon here in Houston and I have always had a hard time getting my clients to understand why they need to spend money on quality hair, as only true virgin hair you wont have any [performance or texture issues when colored. Your video and hair have helped so much. I refer all my clients to your site and coloring and working with the your Envy Me Remy makes what I do even better! Keep up the good work, and when are you guys coming to Houston???”

Marcia H. (Richmond, VA) “I had a super hard time find the curly hair I wanted, and decided to give your Envy Me Remy a try. I love this hair, Thanks”